Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Brujas Bolar (Witches Ready To Fly)

Brujas a bolar (Witches Ready to Fly)

This definitely has to be one of the best coincidences in my life.

A Painting named: Brujas A Bolar (Witches Ready to Fly)

by Francico Goya. 1796-1797 - genuine hand painted oil painting on canvas. Drawing from the Madrid Album (B.56); Chinese ink, wash. 23.7 x 15 cm

Friday, November 14, 2008

Flex, Flash and ActionScript is here to stay...

For all those who are worried about the future of Flex, Flash and ActionScript must read the articles listed below:

Why people are moving from JAVA to FLEX:
Part 1: We are moving from JAVA to Flex
Part 2: Important Differences between JAVA and AS3
Part 3: Beginning the Actual Port
Part 4: Anonymous Classes and the Adapter Pattern
Part 5: Network Communication

Flash CS4 still uses AS3

ActionScript 3 and EcmaScript 4

Hoping, these articles have somehow helped you to see some light at the end of the tunnel. And at the same time got you motivated to learn more about Flex and ActionScript :)

Flash ActionScript 3 Training

Just a few weeks back when I was having coffee with my GANG in our office pantry, I received a call from someone (I don't even remember) inviting me to attend some training on Flash ActionScript. And I was like when will someone invite me to CONDUCT some training on Flash ActionScript. That is when Nitin asked me if I'd be interested in taking up a Flash ActionScript Training in our office itself. And this came to me as an offer I could not refuse.

This training gave me an opportunity to pull up my socks and get cracking. I got the course outline for the training to be conducted. And I utilized my vacation time to read n read stuff on AS3 so that I could get myself well acquainted for the training as per the guideline provided.

Having completed one batch of Flash ActionScript 3 training, I can very well say that just working on projects is not enough. There are times when we need to interact with our community and that is when we come to know where we stand. I got this good opportunity to meet Venkat and Vijay. Meeting them actually gave me the required push to dive deeper into ActionScript. Both are extremely knowledgeable guys and interacting with them made me realize that there is so much for me to learn. And for me this training is just the beginning.

Overall the feedback has been good and currently I am planning to come up with 2 more training modules:
1. Creating Components in AS3
2. RIA development using Flex

To sum up I can say, working on projects helps you grow vertically (and much deeper) on a particular subject and knowledge sharing, interaction on that subject helps you grow horizontally. As in, it adds more breadth to your knowledge base. So keep learning and keep sharing :)

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