Thursday, August 07, 2008

Instructional Videos

With so many buzz words like like Twitter, Web 2.0, RSS, Wikis, WordPress, PodCast, Delicious etc. making the rounds of Internet it has become increasingly difficult to keep pace with whats happening around. How do one understand them and use it to their own benefit.

There is a different world altogether with people using these technologies and have benefited from it. But for us its still a new word, a new technology, a new concept.

Well to make these concepts simple we have instructional videos posted by some really intellectual people with an open heart.

You can view these videos at:

Most of the videos are posted by CommonCraft guys.

There is youtube too which is widely popular. But the above sites focuses more or teaching.

If there are more sites which you guys have come across then lemme know and I'll update my post accordingly.


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